This Cinderella story begins as Patricia tries to balance her love for the arts with her need to make a living. She finally realizes that working for someone else in a dead-end art job is not what she wants for herself. What happens next is something we all dream about. With a renewed faith in her abilities, she takes control of her future and sets off for a rendezvous with destiny. She quits her job and takes off for Central America (and we’re not talking about Iowa, it was actually Belize!). With her art supplies packed in her economy car she begins her journey to find herself and simply get back to what she loved, art. While in Belize she met a sweet couple from Lexington KY who invited her back to the States to see their art object shop and asked her to develop a product that could fit in and perhaps make them both some money. We are often given opportunities in life but most of us rarely act on them, whether out of fear or one of countless other excuses we use to rationalize our behavior. Patricia now found herself with just such a decision, but this time the choice seemed easier... what did she have to lose? So, upon her return to the States, she visited their shop. It was there that she was first introduced to art dolls. Suddenly she knew what she had been searching for. As she taught herself to sculpt, make molds, pour porcelain, sand, china paint, and design costumes, she also rediscovered happiness and the joy that comes from doing what you love. She went to New York for the Toy Fair and entered the “Dolls Award of Excellence” competition and won it the first year she entered, and as you might have guessed, it’s been a Cinderella story come true ever since. She has won several times, and received numerous nominations as well. Patricia worked with Paradise Galleries for over 15 years, and as a result her designs were offered in TV Guide, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Good Housekeeping and a large list of other wonderful publications. Other things she has done are: sculpted projects for Universal, did an infomercial in Hollywood, sculpted the Miss America dolls and has even done a one of a kind show for Disney at Epcot. She also worked for three direct marketing companies doing figurines and ornaments in resin and polymer. She has a new interest, eBay. It's getting to be a prestigious place to show polymer fantasy work. And because of her love of teaching, she is marketing a line, on eBay and this website, of videos, DVD's, press molds, patterns, tools and other supplies to help the beginning sculpting student.  This website will be for sculpting supplies and help only.

Patricia is currently designing and hand making beautiful porcelain ball jointed dolls. There is a special sister website just for Patricia's fantasy work called DRESSED SCULPTURE with the mystical magic of beautiful fantasy figures that only Patricia can create. It is a very pretty place to visit and escape!

If you live outside the USA, please contact me at BEFORE you purchase. I will quote you a shipping price to your country.

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